Walking for wellness

Walking is a way to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is good for so many things; let’s explore what they are.

Exercise – seems obvious, but people often dont see walking as enough exercise and they start running, or cycling, or some aerobic workout. That is great, if thats what you want to do, but walking can acheive the same goals. Focus on walking with purpose, stride it out, swing your arms and get your heart pumping. Walk up some inclines, over rough ground, into the wind. If you walk a good distance at a good speed, you will gte fitter and lose weight. I have lost over tow stone by walking 5 miles every day (well, almost every day) You burn approx 100 calories per mile.

Eases joint pain – walking helps prevent arthritus, it helps protect the joints by lubricating the muscles

Stregthens your heart and boosts your immune system – Walking regularly can reduce heart disease by 20%, and it boosts your immune system leading to less colds.

Boosts your energy – Walking is better than a cup of coffee, it increases lots of our hormones that elevate energy levels

Improves your mood – Walking helps reduce anxiety, depression and stress, and it boosts your self-esteem by releasing hormones that make you feel good.

Creative thinking – walking clears your head and encourages the free flow of ideas, it helps problem solving.

I find that walking has kept me trim, and it really has helped my mental health. It gives me a change of environment, and space to reflect, be grateful, plan and just be. I love enjoying nature and make sure that I really appreciate my surroundings while I am walking.

So, I would really encourage you to give it a try.