The Confident Career Club

A place for women to develop their confidence and leadership skills so that they can climb the corporate ladder and make an impact.

Are you fed up with that feeling of self-doubt and lack of confidence in your own abilities?

  Do you hold yourself back because you don’t believe you are good enough?

  Are you frustrated about not making more progress in your career?

  Are you exhausted and overwhelmed at working hard but not fulfilling your potential?

  Are you desperate for someone to wave a magic wand and make you more confident so that you can have a successful career?

Imagine instead that you:

  Feel confident enough to apply for that next-level role and know that you will be good at it.

  Believe in yourself and are clear about all of the amazing skills that you have.

  Have clarity about what success looks like to you and what steps to take to get there.

  Are a great leader leading a high performing team.

  Have access to expert training on all career and leadership related topics to work through in your own time.

  Have access to a career coach with 34 years’ experience in corporate life and who has been through the same issues that you have but has found strategies to deal with those challenges.


I remember those days as a women in a corporate job. It’s a tough gig and often it can be lonely.

Even with great colleagues it is hard to focus on doing a good job, help everyone else, support our families and find time to schedule in self-development.

We prioritise everyone else and get overwhelmed and tired.

We get comfortable in our role, we feel loyal and we fear change and the unknown. But we are capable of so much more and we deserve -you deserve – to step up and get a better job.

It’s time to start thinking differently.

It’s time that you invest in yourself and ask for help. It is always easier to achieve greater things when you get support and guidance.

And so, let me introduce you to The Confident Career Club. It’s a low cost, high value membership for corporate women who want to have successful careers and be great leaders.

The Confident Career Club is a way for you to get expert help whenever you need it and it will encourage you to take responsibility for your career development.

Here’s what you get as a Confident Career Club member

  A one to one Career Strategy call with Sheila to get clear on your goals and create and action plan to get you to that next-level role.

  The club training vault full of training videos on career and leadership related subjects for you to watch and learn from in your own time.

  Templates set up and ready for you to use for things like CV, Interview practice questions, Effective 121’s, Evidence gathering.

  A monthly workshop with live coaching on career topics where you benefit from real time coaching from Sheila and other guest experts.

  A like-minded community to chat with in a Facebook group

All for ONLY £25 per month.


This is a new membership which I have set up as it feels like it is something that is missing for corporate women. I know I would have benefitted from this when I was at work and so I know it will give you the support you need when you need it.

You will be able to help shape the membership by having input into the content and the way it runs. 

You will be encouraged to take action and have a cheerleader behind you supporting you and your future so that you can fulfill your potential.

I would love you to be one of the Founding members of this membership and the monthly investment is JUST £25 per month.


What’s it like to work with Sheila?

Emma lacked confidence and because she was an introvert, she believed that people like her didn’t become leaders. After going through the mindset training, she realised that the only person holding her back was her. She took on board all of the strategies, she implemented them and she only went and got herself a leadership role within 6 weeks.

Rachel was a bit lost and dissatisfied with her career but didn’t really know what she wanted. She worked through the training on Clarity and used the techniques to get really clear . She made the brave decision to completely change direction and even signed up to an open university degree course to get the qualifications she needed, and she is well on her way to a new and fulfilling career.

Rosie got herself a new job after working through my interview skills training, and then realised that she needed help in her new job as she had never led a team before. She learned lots of new leadership skills and within a few months she was much more confident in managing her new team.