Positive THINking for weight loss

How to lose weight without counting calories or going to the gym.

A 6-week online course that kickstarts your weight loss journey.

Follow my 5-step DEEPC Formula which helps you get clear on WHAT you want to achieve and WHY you want it. These 5 simple steps will help you get committed to changing the way you think in order to lose weight and sustain that loss. It will help you transform bad habits into good ones and guide you to make sensible choices.

Let me help you start your weight loss journey. I lost 35 lbs using this simple formula and not only do I now look great but I feel fabulous too.

Making the DECISION to change my behaviour has significantly improved my life. What impact will it have on your life if you lose weight and learn to love yourself.


DEEPC Formula:


1. DECIDE – Fully commit to achieving your goal. Once you decide the rest become easier. This course dives helps change your mindset.

2. EXERCISE – Think differently about exercise, just move more to feel better. Tips to fit more movement into your life.

3. EAT SENSIBLY – No dieting, just making sensible choices. Understanding what triggers you to turn to food and how to overcome that by thinking differently.

4. PLANNING – Planning and preparation will significantly help you succeed in weight loss journey.

5. CELEBRATE – Review and reflect your progress, adapt as required and celebrate every acheivement, no matter how small.


Positive THINking for weight loss

6 – week online course to start your weight loss journey.

How to lose weight, look great and feel fabulous without counting calories or going to the gym.