One of the common questions we ask ourselves is

“ Why would I pay someone when I can do it myself?”

There is so much information available these days that it is entirely possible to learn how to do anything by yourself.

Just sitting scrolling through social media will show you all of the free content that is out there.

  • There are books. I love books. I have a whole stack of self-development books on my shelves. You can a book to help with anything you choose, and so much more. Reading is a good hobby to have, it keeps your brain active, you keep learning new stuff, you learn about other people’s interesting lives and it’s fun.
  • There are free downloads that you can access easily on anything and everything from checklists, quizzes, How to’s, Top tips, the secret to…
  • There are free workshops and challenges. These are very popular and again you can find one on almost any subject. How to set up your online business, how to speak confidently, how to follow a Keto diet, how to get your dream job or be good at interveiw. These will allow you to get to know the person presenting so that you can decide if you want to pay them to work with them.
  • There are free and low-cost mini-courses that will give you overviews and simple tips and techniques how to achieve whatever it is you want to do. Very valuable and useful and again introduce you to the person selling a bigger programme.
  • There are billions of YouTube videos that will tutor you on all the wonders of the world, even some you may not have thought were possible.

I would recommend doing all of these things if you have a goal you want to achieve. There absolutely will be lots of free and very low-cost options available to help you.

Will they work for you?

If you are self-motivated and implement all of the techniques that you learn, then the answer is most probably yes.

You will find something that works for you, you will take action and become a success.

If you read the book, watch the video but don’t take action, then the answer is no.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn, if you don’t take action then nothing will change, and you won’t reach your goal.

This is where coaching comes in. This is where you have access to a real person that guides you, pushes you, asks the hard questions, holds you to account and becomes your biggest cheerleader.

Use all of the free content to help you choose the right coach for you. Someone who you resonate with, who has the skills that you need specifically for your challenges.

A coach will cost more, a lot more but a coach will get you bigger results sooner. If you are serious about reaching your goal and becoming a success at whatever it is you dream of, then a coach is the best way of increasing your chances.

When you look at the evidence it makes sense. All successful people have had coaches and probably still have coaches.

Sports champions, Popstars, Actors, Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Chief Execs, and Great leaders, all had help getting to where they are.

We all need help, support and guidance and the best way to move forward is to find someone who has done it before and has proven techniques to help you get there.

It is vital to find the right coach, and this is why we make use of the free content. We get to know someone for free, then you choose to work with them.

So, the question to ask yourself is this:

Do you have the drive, commitment, dedication and time to access all of the free stuff and actually implement it on your own?

If you do, brilliant, go for it.

If not, then you need a coach of some description. See my video on “Am I the right coach for you?”