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5-part digital coaching programme


This is the only career development programme that will show you step by step how to create your very own successful career. This is for you if you feel you can take this journey alone, or if you have limited funds but are still committed to investing in yourself.

If you are like most women working in a corporate job it is very likely that you:

  • Are too busy to think about applying for new jobs
  • Don’t have the time to develop yourself
  • Need help but can’t justify the cost
  • Want a better job but lack confidence

I get it, I have been like you, that busy woman with lots of responsibilities, a busy job with no time to invest in myself and my career. But then I realised that I had to make the time and find the money if I wanted to progress in my career.


You just need to DECIDE to prioritise yourself and your career. Remember that nothing will change if you don’t take some kind of action. But it doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive.


These two issues hold us back, and that’s why I developed this digital programme. It’s low cost so it is really affordable but still provides huge value and will transform your career. It’s also a video course which means that you can complete it in your own time with no pressure or constraints.

When you start to believe in yourself the magic starts to happen, and you will get results just like I did.

  • You can become a senior leader
  • You could earn £100,000
  • You will feel valued
  • You will make a bigger impact
  • You will feel proud of yourself

So, what do you want?

  • Do you want to earn more money so that you can live a more comfortable life?
  • Do you want to have a bigger say in your job role so that you can make a difference?
  • Do you want to have a job that you love doing every day?

Yes? Then The Career Accelerator can help you.

THE ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER programme IS THE ONLY TRAINING that provides you with step by step techniques to overcome your self-doubt and gives you practical skills to get that next-level job.

What is included in The Career Accelerator Programme?

Eliminate self-doubt and actually apply for that next-level job.

You will learn what your limiting beliefs are and how to turn them into empowering beliefs. You will also learn what triggers your negative emotions, how to master your emotions and overcome your fear of failure

Become clear on what the next step is in your career

Follow the 5-steps to clarity and learn what success looks like for you. You will identify all of the skills and achievements you already have that will help you take that next step and you will design your future career path.

Get comfortable selling yourself

You will learn how to become comfortable selling yourself on your CV, in interviews and at every opportunity. This module includes practical work on creating an effective CV, how to perform the perfect interview and a captivating presentation.

How to be seen and get known

Understanding the power of networking and how it can create career opportunities. How you can become the go-to person, the expert so that you will be headhunted for your dream job.

Commit to your future

This is where you learn how to review, reflect and adapt in order to continuously grow and flourish in your career.

“This course was excellent”

I would recommend to anyone wanting to progress as it gives you insight into what you need to do to prepare yourself for progression, and also incudes things you wouldn’t usually think about. It is pretty much a step by step guide, in depth of what you need to do, however also gives you food for thought for your life in general.”

Dianne Grey

How does it work?

Each week you will be given access to the video modules to watch at a time that suits you. This is through an online portal.

The reason that the video content is sent weekly is so that you do not get overwhelmed with too many videos. Having a week to watch the videos will give you time to really focus on the content and carry out the actions.

All of the videos will be less than 20 minutes long so that they are easy to fit into your busy life. You also have lifetime access to the course, so that you can revisit it for years to come.

Why will investing in the Career Accelerator make you better off?

When you implement the learnings you will become confident enough to apply for a better job which will earn you more money and make you a happier person. 

When you invest in the programme you will benefit from my 34 years working in corporate life, you will learn from all of the mistakes I have made and also all of my successes.

You will also benefit from the significant investment I have made in learning, development, training and coaching along with heaps of research.

So, whether you are looking for your first management position or you are aiming to be the next CEO then this programme will give you the strategies to get there.

Your Investment


The investment, is usually £247 but is at an incredible low price right now of ONLY £147. Once you have completed The Career Accelerator you will be out there ready to get your dream job where you will earn significantly more money.

As you progress up the career ladder, yes, your income will increase but you will also find yourself in a position where you can make a bigger impact and add real value to the future. AND you will enjoy your role, feel satisfied, have more energy and you will be proud of yourself.

This programme will not just help you take the next step, but the step after that and after that. This programme will change your life.



When you join The Career Accelerator digital programme you will also get access to:

  • Full PDF workbook with each module highlighting the main learning points and with space for your own notes. 
  • My top tips on creating a healthy work-life balance. Being a healthy version of you is essential for a successful career.


Why listen to me?

Well, I have had a successful career. I have been that person who didn’t have all of the qualifications or experience, but I applied anyway.

I have worked my way through the corporate world from leaving school at 16 with very few qualifications to become a senior leader earning £100k.

I have been terrified but done it anyway, and along the way I have learned some very useful techniques which I want to share.

I am passionate about helping women fulfil their potential. I want to see more female senior leaders so that gender equality improves, and we have a bigger input into the future.

I have coached and mentored many people over 20 years and I am proud to see so many of them develop their skills at work and in their lives.

I know from experience that even though we often think we can do it alone; it is so much easier when you have help. I’d love to be the person that helps you become a successful career women right now.



Still have questions?

Book a chat with me to see if this is a good fit for you.