If you are ready to take that step to set up your own business and don’t know where to start OR you have started a new business and need help to start earning an income from it then I can help.

One to one business coaching is completely bespoke to you and focuses on guiding you through any challenges or development that you need right now.

Usually, one to one business coaching will cover things like:

  • Helping you overcome self-doubt, limiting beliefs and develop a strong business mindset
  • Supporting you through mastering any negative emotions and frustrations during those early days of a new business
  • Getting very clear on what business you want to start and why
  • Setting up a new business, creating a business strategy and how to actually get started
  • Practical help with identifying the technology and tools you will need
  • Understanding your audience and where they hang out
  • Getting comfortable selling and promoting yourself and your business
  • How to be more visible and get your business known
  • Developing sales skills so that you can earn a decent income

One-to-One BUSINESS Coaching – the OPTIONS



This is a 4 step framework to get you started. 


1. What your business sells and who you are selling to.

2. The business structure such as bank accounts, technology, strategy, risk and goals

3. How and where to market your business to get in front of your ideal customers

4. Sales skills and getting your comfortable selling your services.

4 x 60-minute sessions £1200







This programme will support you whilst you set up and grow your new business.

We focus on developing your skills and mindset so that you can get new clients and make a steady income.

It is bespoke to you and your business. No one  size fits all and there is no magic bullet, so we work together on growing your business to suit you and your values and desires.

6 months (12 sessions) – £5000

12 months (24 sessions) – £9500

Payment plans available



To see how I could help you, book a call and lets have a chat…

“It was the best thing I have done.”

I am so excited and thrilled to launch my business. I am very passionate about cooking and teaching and I want to pass the skills on and help people cookina Indian food without being scared of all the different spices.

A special thanks to Sheila who helped me launch my business, gave me the confidence and coached me on all the business know-hows.

I would highly recommend Sheila to help you get your business started.


Cooking with Meera