Sheila starr coaching

How Ambitious Women In Corporate Jobs

Can Overcome Self-Doubt And Climb The Career Ladder

By Using 5 Simple But Powerful Strategies.

Even When They Are Juggling Busy Schedules


What You Will Discover In This Free Training:

Part 1 – The 5 Common Mistakes Women Make At Work That Hold Them Back – And How to Avoid Them

Part 2 – The Myth About Working Harder Gets You Promoted And What You Need To Do Instead

Part 3 – How To Position Yourself As The Best Possible Candidate For That 6-Figure Senior Role

Disclaimer: This event is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to support your career progression. Results are not guaranteed. All results depend on the effort made and the action taken. At the end of the event, services will be offered for purchase.

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